Scooter Guide

How to Choose the Right Size Scooter
You can ride a scooter of any size, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy, comfortable or fun. For your everyday needs, a scooter that is the right size for your body is going to provide you with the most enjoyable experience. Here are a few tips on choosing the right size scooter. This is a very rough guide to give an indication for average heights within these age groups.

Scooter Chart


How long is the warranty on my scooter?
Your warranty will vary depending on the brand and parts used.
Please visit our faq's page for detailed warranty information (click here).


Will my scooter come assembled?
Your scooter will arrived 90% assembled. You will however need to install the bars on your scooter.
*please note some scooters such as the Envy One will require further assembly.


How do I assemble my scooter?
In most cases you will need to attach the bars to the scooter with 2 - 4 allen bolts.
Your scooter will come with instructions to complete the assembly. Please read your instructions carefully.


What size bars should I be riding?
Please refer to our scooter size chart above for a rough guide on bar height.


What is the difference between “standard” bars and “HIC/Oversized” and "alloy" bars?
Standard bars: Have an outside diameter of 31.8mm. Some bars will come with a slit and others will not to suite your compression.
HIC/Oversized: Have an outside diameter of 34.9mm. Some bars will come with a slit and others will not to suite your compression.
Alloy bars: Have an outside diameter of 34.9mm however being made of aluminium they use a thicker tube making the inside diameter standard size.*generally used for IHC compression (alloy bars cannot be used for HIC compression).


What compression should I be running?
Which compression setup you choose will depend on your personal preference.
Some compression systems require more maintenance then others. We find SCS, IHC and HIC to be the most common compression systems.


How do I put my hand grips on?
We recommend using methylated spirits or hair spray to install your hand grips (please wear gloves and mask).


Which hand grips will fit on my bars?
Hand grip diameter is the same for all grips.
Alloy bars: require smaller bar ends.
Steel bars: Standard bar end.


Do I need a slit in my bars?
If you are running the following compression you will need a slit in your bars.


What is the difference between integrated and standard decks?
An integrated scooter deck does not require headset cups as they are integrated into the headtube.
Non integrated decks require headset cups to complete the setup.
90% of scooter decks are integrated.



When should I replace the wheel bearings?
Wheel bearing replacement will vary between riders.
We recommend replacing wheel bearings when the wheels are changed.
If you notice your wheels are not rotating correctly or there is excessive noise or rust your bearings may need to be replaced.


When should I replace the headset bearings?
We recommend replacing your headset bearings if you are rebuilding your scooter.
Regularly replacing your headset bearings will ensure your bars rotate smoothly without noise.


When should I replace the grip tape?
If you notice your grip tape has lost its grip then its time to replace your grip tape.


When should I replace the hand grips?
If your hand grips are noticeably worn, torn or uncomfortable.
We recommend replacing hand grips if you are adding new bars.


When should I replace the wheels?
If you notice the urethane wearing down and effecting your riding then its time for some new wheels.
Chunking, splitting and other signs of wearing will also need replacement.


I can hear a rattle what should I do?
Check all of the bolts on your scooter.
Take off your bars and check your compression bolt is tight.
Check your wheel axels, brake bolts and clamp bolts.
If all of these bolts are tight you should not hear a rattle.


I can hear creaking from the headset what should I do?
Remove your bars and check your compression bolt. Lubricate your headset bearing.
Replace your headset bearing if creaking persists.


My bars are loose/turning what should I do?
Remove your bars and check your compression is tight.
Reinstall your bars making sure your clamp is tightened (refer to instructions).
If this is done correctly your bars should turn fine.


My grip tape is peeling what do I do?
If your grip tape is peeling we recommend using a few small beads of super glue in the areas where lifted.