Skateboard Bushings

Shortys Doh Doh Skateboard Bushings 88 Blue

The Unlimited x Loaded Cruiser Icarus Complete Electric Skateboard is a collaboration between two of the industries leading longboard and electric motor companies to bring you the highest quality E-board available on the market. The Icarus Cruiser is designed with a single hub motor and powered by dual batteries to give you a riding range of about 21kms. This single hub motor is super powerful and will have you shredding the streets and side walks at up to 38 kmph and will take you up 9° slopes. 

Ride Features:

  • Push to Start Safety Feature (board must be rolling 2 kmph to engage motors)
  • Regenerative Braking
  • 3 Riding Modes - Snail, Eco & Pro 
  • User-Tunable App

The Unlimited electric motor is designed for any and every rider skill level, with 3 speed / power modes (snail, eco and pro) so you can cruise at your own pace, save the battery life or drop the hammer and blast your way through the city. There is also a user mode used when your syncing the motors. The Unlimited system is designed for easy customization of the performance settings to dial in you exact acceleration, deceleration and top speed preferences which you can do using the mobile app. Regenerative Braking will help stretch out your battery life when you're thumb is off the throttle and you're free wheeling down hill. The Unlimited drive system incorperates a 'push to start' safety feature, meaning the motor won't engage until the board is rolling over 2 kmph. 

The Unlimited Motor systerm is designed to fit any skate trucks. Yes, you read that correctly! So you can fit them to any skate trucks you have in your collection. The Carbon Mounting Plate makes chopping and changing boards quick and easy, with no drilling needed. The whole battery and drive system attaches using your regular bolt pattern. The hub motor is designed for easy removal from the truck hanger using the breaker bar tool included in the package. This hub removal process also provides an easy way to put fresh wheels on the drive system, to keep your flying at full tilt!

Remote Features:

  • Cruiser Control Button - Press A to set Cruiser Control to hold your current speed (release A button to deactivate)
  • Nitro Blast Button - Hold B button at full throttle for an extra boost of speed
  • Digital display

The user friendly remote is easy to use and features a digital display showing you battery life, currect speed and distance covered. The Unlimited Drive System comes with a Cruise Control feature, so you can set the perfect speed for your surroundings. This feature is simple to activate when your on the move by holding the A button, and releasing it when you want to deactivate Cruise Control. If your late for work or want to drag race cyclists, the Unlimited X Loaded Remote also features a Nitro Blast Botton, which is activated by holding the B button when your at full throttle, for an exhilarating blast off speed to get the adrenaline flowing!

Board Features:

  • Flex 1 Loaded Construction
  • 37 kmph
  • 21 km Range
  • 9° Uphill 
  • Paris V3 180mm 50° Black Trucks
  • Orangatang Caguama 85mm 80a Wheels
  • Carbon Mounting Plate
  • Orangatang Nipple Bushings (Soft front 85a -  Hard rear - 89a)
  • Breaker Bar & Skate Tool Included
  • 6 kg
  • Airline Friendly Battery System