Skateboard Riser Pads

Modus Riser Pads 1/8 Pair Black

14 3/8" Long 
Includes Mounting Hardware Screws

Modus Riser Pads 1/8 Pair White

Folklore Skateboards is an Australian Skate brand that has spent the last 16 years focused on providing Aussie skaters with quality skateboard decks. Starting as a garage skate brand operation in 1997, then named Urban Sk8er, making basic decks and completes for skaters in Western Australia.

Their most popular manufacturing techniques include Fibretech, Warm Press & Fibre Tech Lites.

The classic Fibretech - 7 ply Canadian maple construction of a warm press, fused with a top layer of carbon fibre. The carbon fibre adds strength, stability and retains elasticity.

Folklore Warm Press decks complete lamination due to increased glue penetration and thermal expansion.

Fibre Tech Lites - incorporating the lightness of a warm press, with the strength and stiffness of a Fibre Tech. The carbon fibre top layer, with 10% thinner plies.