Warranty Information.

Manufacturers have very limited warranties that cover direct manufacturing faults or failures in their products. As with all extreme sports, skateboard and scooter equipment suffers damage as a direct result of participation in the sport. Such damage to equipment is not covered under warranty. No warranty is guaranteed and the final claim is at the discretion of the distributor or manufacturer of that product.

All information and images must be correctly submitted for us to process your warranty claim.

Please complete the Warranty form below to process a warranty claim with Kick Push.

Kick Push will reply to you within 3 working days of your claim with an update.

International Warranties.

International customers may be required to cover shipping and costs associated with international warranty claims. We will do our best to complete international warranty claims with minimal cost to the customer. Warranty claims will be forwarded to manufacturers/suppliers for consideration. All manufacturers/suppliers decisions on warranties are final.

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