Hey it’s Levi here from Kick Push and today we're talking about different bushing shapes.

So the first style we have is a standard cylinder, these guys have the double cone shape, what that's going to give you is more turn ability on your board because there's less surface area down around the bottom of the bushing. Where the bushing actually sits it allows it to turn more easily inside your truck.

Second style is a standard conical which is nice so you might have already guessed but these guys sit on the base and it gives you a more stable ride that one on top and just with the platter wider surface area you're not going to be able to start to do top as tighter turns and say the cylinder one here

next up is a double-barrel conical style bushing. and these are for the speed demons, for downhill riders it's a super stable at high speeds. Because of the shape it enables you to get greater control at high speeds.

Cool guys that's it for today.. all these bushings you can see here are available online, We have a wide selection of different sizes, shapes and duro here: