Hey it's Levi from kick push here today,

we're going to be doing a tutorial on how to grip skateboard deck…

So what you're going to need is:
Grip tape + Deck
A razor blade or sharp knife
Something to smooth down the edges with (screwdriver or other)
Something to poke holes in the bolt holes (hardware or small screwdriver)

First of all what you're gonna do is grab the grip tape peel it off all the way lay it over the top of your deck. I
like to get my fingers and touch either side looking down over the top making
sure it's nice and even we're gonna make a u-shape pressing out towards the edges and press down in the middle here so
once your grip tapes laid grab something to smooth down the edges with.. we've just got a flat head screwdriver which works fine.
What that’s doing is just sealing the grip tape to the edges of the deck.

Grab your razor blade or sharp knife being extra careful as this is super sharp. I'm gonna make a cut in the side right here holding the
blade at a nice angle and then just cutting back towards yourself. I sort of find it easier if I pull the off cut piece of grip tape up with tension at the same time.
Continue around the entire board until you have got rid of any grip tape hanging over.

Now grab your Something to poke holes in the bolt holes (hardware or small screwdriver) it could be anything like the deck bolts I find
these little Allen keys more useful because they are a little sharper than a hardware bolt. Poke some holes where the deck holes are for the hardware bolts to go.

Last thing…  just take a little piece of spare of grip tape and run it around the edge of the deck sanding the edge of the new grip down slightly.

And that's how you grip a skateboard