Scooter Headsets

Apex Headset Bearing For Scooter Bmx 1 Only 1 1/8 Inch

Introducing the highly anticipated Apex Deck! This deck has been designed and seriously tested by all of the Apex team.

Apex have a high reputation for being known for manufacturing some of the best quality components in the world, and having some of the best riders in the world on their team.


- 6082 Australian Aluminium Extrusion
- Made in Australia!
- Headtube Angle: 82.5
- Tig Welded by hand
- All components are CNC machined and bent
- Flat side for better fingerwhips
- Heat Treated to T6
- Length -  580MM wheelbase
- Width - 4.5"
- Weight: 1255 grams

- Rear Axle Bolt
- Bolt in Rear Wheel Spacers – New never seen before.
- We have maximised the foot room on the deck, there is typically 10 – 15mm more foot space.

Apex Integrated Scooter Headset Silver

The Apex 5” Wide Deck has been designed to suit all riders at all levels.

The decks will be available in 3 sizes and 3 colours, Black, Blue & Raw.
- 580mm (Angled End) – supplied with Brake 1240 grams
- 600mm (Boxed End) – Supplied with Stainless Steel Flex Fender
1320 grams without Dropouts
1380 grams with Dropouts

- 620mm (Boxed End) - Supplied with Stainless Steel Flex Fender
1360 grams without Dropouts
1423 grams with Dropouts

This new extrusion has enabled us to reduce the weight and increase in strength. If a rider chooses a small or large size, they’re going to be guaranteed an all rounded deck. This deck has an increased rail width to maximise the grinding surface area. The head and neck geometry of the deck is designed to make tricks such as blunts and foot jams easier, while still maximising foot space on the deck.

The 580mm deck will remain with an angled back to decrease weight and increase the mobility for riders who enjoy park tricks, as well as street and technical tricks.

For the 600mm and 620mm decks, we now offer Boxed Ends. This style of deck is suited for street and technical riders, although, the weight of the deck will allow riders to enjoy park riding as well. These decks come with our uniquely designed 7075 Aluminium dropouts. It creates a rounded end to create the perfect balance point for street and technical riders. This will also increase the strength and accessibility when maintaining the deck. Each dropout has been designed with a hex to hold the nut in place, meaning a 6mm Allen key is the only tool needed to tighten the axle.

Envy Integrated Scooter Headset Chrome

Envy Integrated Scooter Headset Chrome

RRP $39.99
SAVE $15.00 (38%)
Envy Integrated Scooter Headset Red

Envy Integrated Scooter Headset Red

RRP $39.99
SAVE $15.00 (38%)
Ethic Scooter Integrated Headset Neochrome

The INDO Pro trick scooter is an upgrade of our original model, featuring a number of key improvements to give you more control and enhance your trampoline tricks:

Heavier. Weight increased to 1.4kg (3lb) so it feels like a normal stunt scooter, but still light enough to practice your tricks
Bigger deck. Suits real-life scooter decks and larger set-ups
Deck improvements. Larger, heavier, stiffer and more durable, so it’s easier to catch tricks mid-air, and your tricks feel more stable
Bigger bars. Bar height and width increased to suit real-life scooter bars and bigger set-ups, suitable for advanced or taller riders
Advanced headset. Our revolutionary new headset and compression system is the world’s fastest and smoothest, for maximum trick-landing capability. 
New handgrips. High-quality TPU handgrips, for a similar feel to pro-level stuntscooter grips
Fresh design. Gold and electric blue details


INDO pro is the perfect trick scooter for more advanced riders to perfect their tricks, offering more control than the X70 models thanks to its ultra-fast INDO compression system, increased size and weight, and better weight distribution. It’s suitable for trampolines of any size and indoor spaces.


Our super lightweight scooters make practising tricks easy and super safe, but more weight allows for more control - so we found the perfect balance by increasing the weight of the INDO Pro to 1.4kg (3lb) and moving the centre of gravity lower and towards the back.


Our handlebars are 74cm (29”) high and 54cm (21”) wide. They’re attached to our larger, heavier, stiffer Pro deck with our INDO Compression System. The result? It’s easier than ever to perfect bar spins, buttercups and mid-air catches.


It’s always been clear to us that the INDO Compression System had to be the fastest on the planet. For maximum speed, we selected MH-P03 headset bearings for fast, flawless rotation.


Soft, comfortable handgrips which feel great to the touch.

Flavor Awakening Integrated Scooter Headset Purple

Flavor Awakening Integrated Scooter Headset Purple

RRP $39.99
SAVE $20.00 (50%)


  • Forged 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • Integrated crown race
  • M8 Compression bolt and cap
  • Two-toned anodized finish
  • Fits 110mm x 30mm wheels
  • Only 157 grams!
Root Industries Integrated Scooter Headset Green

Root Industries Integrated Scooter Headset Green

RRP $39.99
SAVE $15.00 (38%)