For over four decades, Gullwing Trucks has been a driving force in the skateboarding industry, revolutionizing the way riders experience the thrill of carving, grinding, and sliding. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and relentless performance, Gullwing has solidified its place as a trusted name in skateboard truck manufacturing.

Founded in 1976, Gullwing emerged during the golden era of skateboarding when the sport was undergoing a transformative shift. Recognizing the need for trucks that could withstand the demands of aggressive riding styles, Gullwing set out to create a product that would elevate skateboarding to new heights.

From the start, Gullwing distinguished itself by combining meticulous craftsmanship with cutting-edge engineering. Their trucks quickly gained popularity for their durability, stability, and smooth turning capabilities, allowing riders to push the boundaries of what was possible on a skateboard. It wasn't long before Gullwing became the go-to choice for professional skateboarders and enthusiasts alike.