Sector 9

Sector 9 Complete Cruiser Skateboard Bico Bambino

Note: this is for 2 x bearings only.


Bones® REDS® are manufactured in China to our Bones Skate Rated™ specifications in a manufacturing facility dedicated to producing the highest quality skate bearings in China. They are inspected twice before being shipped to skaters and offer the greatest combination of performance, durability and low cost in the industry. Because they offer near Bones Swiss performance at a fraction of the cost, they have become the best selling bearing brand in the U.S.A.


- Single, non-contact, removable rubber shield for easy cleaning and less friction
- High speed Nylon™ ball retainer for greater strength and speed
- Pre-lubricated with Speed Cream™ racing lubricant
- Skate Rated™ clearances, tolerances, materials and lubricant provide the best performance and durability possible


Set of 2 bearings

Sector 9 Complete Cruiser Skateboard Rat Jammer

Completely assembled and ready to roll.

Top quality complete for under $100.

Holiday Deck
Quality Black Grip Tape 
Metal Raw Trucks 
Holiday POP 50mm 
Abec 7 Bearings

NOTE : Does not come with worldwide sticker

Sector 9 Complete Longboard Skateboard Bico Lookout

Length: 41.125”
Width: 9.625”
Wheelbase: 31.5”
10.0” Gullwing Charger Trucks
69mm 78a Nineballs
ABEC 5 Greaseball Bearings
1.125” Truss Head Steel Bolts
Clear Grip
5 Ply Bamboo
Caramelized Bamboo Top and Bottom Plies
Black Dipped Tail
Drop Thru

Sector 9 Complete Longboard Skateboard Brine Highline

Sun-Drenched afternoons, Cold Beverages and Beachside Vibes, the only thing you’re missing is the perfect cruiser to soak in it all. The Tallie is our compact beach cruiser pintail, perfect for ripping down to the beach in the arvo for sundowners or checking your favourite local break in the wee hours of the morning. Complete with 180mm Ogre Trucks, 69mm NANA Bludgers and NANA x DSCO Built-In Bearings.

Sector 9 Complete Longboard Skateboard Cavern Cutback

The Sector 9 Navigate Longboard is a smooth carving cruiser board that feels like you're riding the waves. At 34 inches long, this board is super portable, and turns on a dime. The Gullwing Sidewinder trucks allow it to turn as if you are surfing....surfing the sidewalk that is! The Navigate is a ton of fun, if you havn't rode one, you need to!

The Sector 9 Navigate Comes Fully Setup With All Sector 9 Components -

Trucks: 9.0” Gullwing Sidewinder II
Wheels: 69MM 78A Top Shelf Wheels
Bearings: ABEC 5 Greaseball
Hardware: 1.125” Truss Head Steel Bolts
Grip Tape: ERG with Sector 9 logo and additional graphic

Comes Fully Assembled and Ready to Ride!

Sector 9 Complete Longboard Skateboard Electric Unagi

The Push Ranger Complete from NANA skateboards offers the perfect platform for getting ut for a push and getting a few kilometres under you’re belt, built with drop-through mounting and a slightly rockered platform and subtle flex, the Push Ranger makes pushing easy, offering its riders a lower centre of gravity and a nice bit of cushion for those longer journeys. Complete with 150mm Ogre Trucks, 69mm Bludgers and NANA x DSCO bearings built-ins.

Sector 9 Complete Longboard Skateboard Encounter

The new Artist Series created by renowned design duo, DKNG. Both San Diego natives raised in the S. California surf, skate & music scenes, Dan and Nate have been creating legendary screen prints, logos and gig posters for bands and brands for over 15 years. Sector 9 is stoked to feature this otherworldly graphic collaboration of cosmic goodness.

Length: 38.0”
Width: 9.25”
Wheelbase: 29.0”
10.0” Gullwing Charger Trucks
65mm 78a Nineballs
ABEC 5 Greaseball Bearings
1.125” Truss Head Steel Bolts
ERG Grip Tape
8 Ply Maple
Sharp Rails for Extra Grip and Control
Gold Foil Highlights
Die Cut Grip Tape
Drop Thru
Art by DKNG

Sector 9 Complete Longboard Skateboard Navigate


Deck Size: 35.5" Length x 9.75" Width
Wheelbase: 29"
Concave: .5"
1" Dropped Standing Platform
Triplane Front Concave
Subtle 'W' Concave in Rear
5 Degree Wedge in Front
5 Degree De-Wedge in Rear
Wheel Cut Outs
Tsunami Tech Construction
Paris 50 Degree Reverse Kingpin Trucks (Black)
Free Spirits Wheels
Free Quickees Bearings
56-Grit Griptape
Factory assembled by Omen and ready to skate

Sector 9 Nineballs Wheels 70mm 78A Yellow

The 70mm Green Butterballs offer the same formula and shape, but in a more compact package, so you can fit on your double kick. You might find a little better control and responsiveness with this smaller version of the Butterball.


- Cosmic Core
- Centerset Hub
- 70mm Diameter
- 75a Durometer
- 38mm Contact Patch
- Stone Ground