Carver Skateboards

Carver Skateboard C7 Truck Grade 8 Link Set

More longboard than mountainboard this sturdy little number is the perfect addition to any longboarder’s quiver. Whether you’re an advanced rider looking for your next challenge, beginner rider looking for a board that will roll over anything, or campus cruiser who just doesn’t feel like walking when the pavement ends and grass begins, this board has the perfect combinations.

The MBS All-Terrain Longboard opens up a new world for longboarders, the one just off the beaten asphalt path.  Its super high rebound 100mm treaded longboard wheels make it the perfect addition to any longboarder’s quiver.

Carver Skateboard Complete Haedron 9 35 Cx Trucks Graphite

Quality for your money deck from Absolute Distributors Australia.

9" wide x 32" long


Canadian Maple
7 Ply standard lay up veneer
Laser Etched sizing

NOTE: Picture is for shape reference only. Correct colour is in title.