Shortys Black Magic Grip Tape Sheet 9 x 33 Black

Set of 8 bearings with spacers.

Black Panther ABEC 3's are smooth. These bearings consist of long lasting polished ball bearings and races, lubricated with genuine Teflon oil, speed washers, and Derlin core for strength and resistance. Removable rubber coated shield makes for easy cleaning and water resistance. Set of 8 includes free bearing spacers.

Shortys Doh Doh Skateboard Bushings 100 Black

UPGRADE Bushings for Skateboarding and Longboarding. Turning trucks Better!

Shortys Skateboard Hardware Allen Key 1 Inch


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Shortys Skateboard Hardware Allen Key 7/8 Inch


- Modus Bolts Allen Hardware are team tested and approved. 10 bolts, 8 nuts total. You get 2 blue coated spares for customizing your setup and 8 black bolts.
- Use customized bolts for quick reference between nose and tail. Nuts are silver. Allen key included.
- Support Modus Bearings - an Australian skate company that make the highest quality skateboard bearings.
- Modus sponsor over 45 Australian Skaters!