Picture Wheel Co

Picture Wheel Co Alex Lawton Pro Stamp Duty Skateboard Wheels Conical 83B 52mm

Set of 4 wheels.

SnotShots are a centerset wheel which use a special anti-flatspot urethane formula in 99a. A more substantial width and contact patch provide the kind of speed and traction that you'd expect from a company that embraces all types of skateboarding.

Height: 60mm
Durometers: 99a
Width: 45mm
Contact Patch: 17mm
Hub: 32mm
Depth of Urethane: High Octane AFS
Edges: Round
Disciplines: Great for street, park, vert, pools and pipes.

Picture Wheel Co Skateboard Hardware 1.5 Inch Allen Key

Hardcore Bushings feature the SkateOne™ patented bonded insert technology that will transform your trucks into high performance carving, racing, or freeride machines. The bonded insert will noticeably reduce slop, create a more fluid turn, add stability, and allow you to run a lower durometer bushing in your truck than normal. The insert locks your steering axis in without any extra parts and ensures you only compress the bushing top and bottom rather than open it like an elastic band. 


85a - Softest - For carving, cruising, freeriding, or those who want quick steering trucks. 
88a - Medium Soft - For carving, cruising, freeriding, or DH. This is the team's choice by far.
90a - Medium - For carving, freeriding, or DH. 
93a - Hard - For freeriding, DH, or heavier riders who want more support. Perfect for low angle rear trucks.