Paris Trucks

Paris Longboard Trucks V3 180mm 50º Jet Black

For optimal traction, power, and control, we usually suggest a 45-degree truck at the nose and a 30-degree truck at the tail, with stiffer springs at the tail than at the nose. Use two 45-degree trucks on symmetrical (twin-tip) freeride decks. Use stiffer springs if you’re heavier and/or taller than average, softer springs if you’re lighter and/or less tall.

Axle Height: 58.5mm / 2.30 inches from baseplate bottom to axle midpoint
Axle Offset (Rake): 14.0mm / 0.55 inches
Roll Center: 19.8mm / 0.78 inches above axle midpoint
More Axle Offset (or Rake) pushes the Roll Center higher (towards the deck), resulting in quicker lean response and better wheel traction.  Less Axle Offset (or Rake) leaves the Roll Center lower (near the axles), resulting in better lean control and stability.

NOTE : Only sold as a single truck and Springs on truck are Red