Orangatang Longboard Skateboard Wheels Fat Free 65mm Purple

Caliber Truck Co. is a skateboard truck manufacturing company, founded in 2010, that is dedicated to creating the highest quality trucks on the market. Bringing a minimalist mentality to the design of our trucks, giving you everything you want and nothing more. Our team riders are like family, and we always make sure that family comes first. They’ve taken their prototypes to hell and back, and have never stopped improving them until everyone was satisfied. The results are our battle-proven Caliber Standards, Forty-Fours, and Fifty Calibers. 

Caliber Forty-Four trucks are built for speed when cruising downhill; they include high performance bushings that prevent wobble.

Fifty Caliber models are stable at high speeds and extremely responsive.

Caliber Standards provide added control and comfort while skating hard; they allow for smoother and faster rides, and have adjustable wheelbase options.

Caliber Precision models have amazing traction, and prevent wheels from wearing down; they also greatly improve your stability when taking sharp turns.

All Caliber trucks come with a Grade A Steel Kingpin and Blood Orange 89a barrel-cone bushings.