Holiday Skateboards

Holiday Skateboards Complete Giraffe 7.75

Mixed maple Black fully dipped
80S Grip tape-With KFD Logo
52mm x 34mm 88A white wheels
5” SeaGull black truck with 88A white bushings
Black pivot cups
Black truck accessories Black hardware
KFD 8 Ball ABEC-7 bearings

Holiday Skateboards Complete Meerkat 6.75

Powell-Peralta's impact on skateboarding is unmatched. Founded in 1978, by George Powell and Stacy Peralta, high-quality innovative products are the foundation of Powell-Peralta's success. That is followed closely by a top-notch roster of team members (past and present). Powell Peralta is re-issuing some of the most popular and classic skateboards of all time along with wheels, soft goods, and many more must-have collectibles.

7.75" 31" 53mm 90a


Holiday Skateboards Complete Mini Sporting Animal Bulldog 7.75

Q​uality Complete from DGK.


Holiday Skateboards Complete Sporting Animal Koala 8.0

These Completes are perfect for beginner to intermediate skaters! Boards come with Anchor Trucks. Excellent quality and value for money.

Holiday Skateboards Deck Tie Dye Black Shaped 9.25

One of the world’s most recognised skate brands, Baker Skateboards is the brainchild of Andrew Reynolds. Founded in 1999, Baker is now a staple in skate shops worldwide. Their decks are made from 7 ply maple to withstand the harshest of riding styles.

8.5" 32" 14.5"