Gold Coast Longboards

Gold Coast Longboards Complete Aloha Cruiser Skateboard Orange


Length: 28″
Width: 8″


Trucks: 5 inch trucks
Wheels: 65mm x 85A
Bearings: Abec 9
Griptape: Clear grip tape

Gold Coast Longboards Complete Cruiser Skateboard Retro Dip Pink

Canadian maple
5” OBfive trucks
14mm riser pads
65mm 78A wheels
Abec 7 chrome bearings
Printed graphic grip tape
Length 28” x width 9”

Gold Coast Longboards Complete Cruiser Skateboard Wanderlust Green

Completely assembled and ready to ride.

Kick Push are an authorised Arbor dealer.

7 Ply Hardrock Maple, Paris 129mm Street Trucks, Arbor Bogart 61mm 78a Wheels, ABEC 5 Bearings w/ Spacers L: 28.75” W: 8.125” WB: 15.00”


Gold Coast Longboards Complete Cruiser Skateboard Wanderlust Pink

30'' x 9.5" Canadian Maple Deck
6.25" Surf Trucks 
65x45mm 85a Black Wheels
Clear grip tape 

The Surf Skate enables you to carve and pump through turns just like surfing when gathering speed to flow through to the next section of a wave. This amazing surf trainer allows you to replicate rail to rail surfing with a very realistic flow.

The Surf Skate is perfect for streets, sidewalks, driveways, car parks, skate parks, bowls and ramps and is suitable for beginners right through to the advanced surfer/skater.

Artwork by Local Gold Coast Tattoo artist Kris Olsen from Olsen Tattoo - "Support your locals"

Gold Coast Longboards Complete Surf Skate Skateboard Wanderlust Green

The Banana Train Series is a representation of the Mystery Island ride at the end of the P.O.P (Pacific Ocean Pier) of Venice Beach, and takes influence from on-trend tropical patterns. The Banana train exotic veneers emulate 'ie tōga mats seen in pacific island cultures such as Samoa to truly embody the Tiki feel that was seen on the Mystery Island ride.

Our Z-Flex Surfskate’s all utilize patented Waterborne technology to provide amazing turning potential. The Z-Flex Surfskate’s deliver the tightest turns that will never bight and provide responsiveness that allows for amazing speed generation. Don’t mistake this for just another reverse kingpin truck on another cruiser. Our Surfskate’s use asymmetrical design to allow for 3x more turning then an ordinary skate truck. The Z-Smooth wheels are perfect for the dgrip and slide needed for a Surfskate allowing sharp and tight turns and enough slide to throw the tail.

  • Length: 31"
  • Width: 7.875"
  • 7 Layers  + 2 cosmetic veneer
  • 6.25" Powder-coated Z-Flex Trucks with 90A Soft Cushions
  • Patented Waterborne Surfskate adapter with 3x more turning then an ordinary skate truck. 
  • 63mm 83A  Z-SMOOTH wheels 
  • 14 MM Z-Flex Riser Blocks
  • Spray Grip