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Caliber Longboard Trucks 2 184mm 44 Degrees Satin Gold

AF1 22 Specs:

Axle width: 7.75” (197mm)

Hanger width: 5.2” (132mm) 

Truck height: 2.1” (53mm)

Fits boards: 7.5” - 8.0”

Weight: 13 oz.

Manufactured with superior quality AA 356.2 alloy using our own proprietary casting method.

True T6 heat-treated baseplates and hangers.

SAE 4140 steel alloy axles, oversized to eliminate bearing wobble.

Patent pending rethreading axle nuts - no more damaged axle ends! 

Durable Hand-poured 96a urethane pivot bushings for smooth as silk response.

Refined bushing and cup washer shapes for a cleaner turn.

Machine-faced hanger ends for precise bearing contact.
 The all-new ACE AF1 features game-changing performance without deviating from our original Ace geometry. The AF1 is carefully manufactured using our proprietary casting process. Years in development, the ACE AF1 has a 70% increase in the aluminum’s structural integrity, making it the strongest cast truck on the market. We updated the sizing on the 44 thru 77 models for a better fit across multiple board widths.

The Ace AF1, tomorrow’s technology today!

Caliber Longboard Trucks 2 184mm 44 Degrees Satin Red

Bear Grizzly 45° 181mm Longboard Trucks. A next generation version of the old Bear 840 focusing on strength, stability and turn. Bear trucks have an 8 hole baseplate for old and new school bolt patterns that also lets you vary the wheelbase. The pivot point on the baseplate tends to sit further forward than most reverse kingpin trucks which means you get a slightly longer wheelbase out of the same bolt pattern so you avoid wheelbite on dropthrough boards allowing you to use larger diameter wheels. The hanger is a little off-set allowing you to flip the hanger if you would like to reduce the baseplate angle by 5 degrees, this will take your truck from a nice carving freeride at 45 degrees to a 4 degree downhill drag racing beast. These trucks are in the original bad-ass black for those super stealthy rides.