Bear Trucks

Bear Grizzly Longboard Trucks 852 V5 181mm Ice Cream

Always on the grind. Instantly recognisable as the essential street skateboarding truck. Venture has been in the business for over 30 years. Top technically skilled pros ride the trucks whether they are on the team or not. Classic and solid in a range of models and colourways.




- 5.0 for 7.9" and thinner decks

- 5.2 for 7.9" to 8.1" decks

- 5.6 for 8.1" to 8.3" decks

- 5.8 for 8.4" to 8.6" decks

- 6.1 for 8.62" and up decks

Bear Spaceball Bearings Set Of 8
Kyle Walker pro model. Kyle's set is a stand out Gold/Red/Green colourway that includes matching Axle Nuts and Washers as well as interchangeable Shields and Popper for easy customization. Stickers included too!