Almost Red Bar Sticker Red White

Quality Sticker from Magenta

Single Sticker Only

Almost Skateboard Complete Blur Resin Multi 7.75

Traditional 7-Ply - Traditional for a reason. Standard 7-ply wood construction gives you a deck that's durable, sturdy and poppy without breaking the bank

Tensor Trucks - Tensor Trucks feature a hollow kingpin to shave weight, making them light and easily maneuverable.

Completely assembled, gripped and ready to roll.

Almost Skateboard Complete FP Red Ringer Red 7.25

Almost Skateboard Complete FP Red Ringer Red 7.25

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Almost Skateboard Complete Radiate Yellow FP 7.5

Quality Hat from Emerica

Almost Skateboard Deck King R7 Mullen 8.0

Santa Cruz Skateboards was founded in 1973 by Rich Novak, Doug Haut and Jay Shuirman. Santa Cruz also employed legendary artist Jim Phillips to create most of the brands early graphics, most notably their iconic "Screaming Hand" graphic. As one of the oldest skateboard brands in existence, Santa Cruz draws from a wealth of experience in skateboarding to bring you a range of top-quality boards. Along with their trademark line, Santa Cruz also offers a broad range of boards in varying shapes and sizes.

9.25" 31.95" 14"
Almost Skateboard Deck Painted Lion R7 Lewis Marnell 8.0