ABEC 13 Skateboard Bearings 10 Pack Green

You will receive 2 x wheels with bearings.

Don't be fooled by the looks of the Awakening wheel, it may look like a 6er, but these bad boys are far from it. Dual compound urethane and a new profile are just some of the attributes this wheel has to offer. All new laser decal as well as the classic Awakening colours Silver, Black and Blue. Avail in 110mm only.

Comes with bonus super smooth and fast Abec 9 bearings!


- Material: Dual compound UV Stabalised urethane
- Wheel Size: 110mm
- Core Material: 6082 T4/T6 heat treated aluminium

Andale Wax Skull White

Andale Wax Skull White


Small and easy to carry, 2.5cm x 2.5cm x 2.5cm

Colour may vary - Red or Black

Apex Integrated Scooter Headset Silver

Customs are epic setups using the best parts from Iconic brands. The Baked complete is crafted from some of the best parts money can buy. This complete was assembled and casrefully selected by some of our most valued Kick Push customers. We recommend this ride for moderate to advanced / pro riders. Using such parts demands a high skill level, this custom should be treated with respect at all times.

Assembled, all you need to do is install bars and tighten clamp.


- Apex Scooter  Deck 4.5" X 580mm (wheel base)
- Urban Artt Primo SCS Forks
- Proto Grippers 110mm Faded series wheels
- Tilt Grip Tape
- Apex Headset
- Tilt Sculpted SCS Clamp
- Proto abec 9 fully sealed bearings
- Ethic Dynasty Bars 620mm V2  
- Grit Longneck Grips
- Universal SCS Bar Adapter

This scooter comes with SCS Compression. The bars will come with an SCS bar adapter to eliminate the slit.

Apex Pro 4 Bolt Scooter SCS Clamp Lite Black

Apex Pro 4 Bolt Scooter SCS Clamp Lite Black

RRP $129.99
SAVE $10.00 (8%)
Apex Scooter Forks Quantum Lite Black Standard Length

Apex Scooter Forks Quantum Lite Black Standard Length

RRP $179.99
SAVE $10.00 (6%)
Apex Scooter Pegs Barnaynay Black

Apex Scooter Pegs Barnaynay Black

RRP $39.99
SAVE $5.00 (12%)
Apex Scooter Pegs Barnaynay Green

Apex Scooter Pegs Barnaynay Green

RRP $39.99
SAVE $5.00 (12%)
Envy Integrated Scooter Headset Black

Envy Integrated Scooter Headset Black

RRP $39.99
SAVE $15.00 (38%)

Raymond Warner’s flowy style has been hitting the park and mega ramps worldwide for years, one of the OG’s still strong in the game . His boosted airs are MASSIVE combo’d with specific styled tricks that make use of that air time to the fullest.

His deck is covered in a “Shimmer” paint- Bright blue with a metallic shine and wrapped in his custom “RW Squid” Graphic. Ray’s graphic encapsulates all things from the deep blue sea. Ray is simply terrified of open water and this graphic represents him stepping out of his comfort zone when it comes to riding and everyday life.. Always pushing always progressing!


WIDTH-5.1 Inches/ 130mm

LENGTH- 22 Inches/ 558.8mm

HEADTUBE- 82.5 degrees

FOOT SPACE- 14.5 inches/ 370mm

WEIGHT- 3.75 Pounds/ 1.7kgs

Envy Prodigy S8 Complete Scooter Scratch Series 8

Deck / Downtube - 431.8mm X 101.6mm

Fork - Steel Threadless Fork Handlebar - Steel

Bar, 444.5mm W X 493.7mm H Y Bar

Grips - Soft Grips

Wheels - 100mm Alloy Core

Head Parts HIC - Cartridge Headset Threaded

Brake - 3 Bolt Brake

Clamp - Double Clamp

Envy Scooter Bars 600mm Flavio Pesenti Reaper Black Lightweight
Once again Root Industries has created another beast of innovation in the freestyle scooter market with their new Type R complete scooter.  
Off the success of their first batch of complete scooters, Root Industries has upped the ante yet again. Root has combined  the best features of their four prior complete scooters into one ultimate denizen of the streets, and king of quarter pipes, box jumps, and everything in-between.
The Type R’s highly competitive price point rounds out the trifecta - innovative, functional, and affordable. For any scooter rider - beginner to advanced - this complete pro scooter really is a dream come true!
Main Features
- Deck Size: 123x500mm / 4.8x19.6in; 6061-T6 with nylon front and back inserts
- Bar Size: 580x550mm / 22.8x21.65; 13A Standard Chromoly Steel
- Forged fork
- AIR Headset
- Lithium Double Clamp
- Wheels: 110mm x 24mm 8-Spoke Black PU / Black core
- R2 Grips
- Root “Cut-out R” Griptape
- High-quality Nylon Brake
Complete Scooter Specs 
Weight 3.6kg (7.94lbs)
Standing Height  755mm (29.72in)
Overall Height 830mm (32.68in)
Bar Width 550mm (21.65in)
Bar Height 580mm (22.8in)
Deck Length 500mm (19.68in)
Deck Width 123mm (4.84in)
Foot Space 350mm (13.78in)
Wheel Size 110mm
Compression IHC
Envy Scooter Stand

Envy Scooter Stand

RRP $9.99
SAVE $3.00 (30%)

Quality deck from Darkstar.

Ethic Scooter Double Clamp Sylphe Red

The Prodigy Complete scooter is the undisputed #1 freestyle scooter sold worldwide.

This 2020 release has once again stepped up the game with 6 fresh colourways and quality components. A perfect scooter for the intermediate to advanced rider ready to progress their riding to the next level.

The  Prodigy 6061-T6 Extruded Aluminium deck now comes with base cut out to reduce weight and maintain performance and finished off in premium finishes The deck includes high quality grip tape and durable components - nylon front plate, rear inserts and nylon brake systems. Topping the scooter fresh for Series 8 is High Density Aluminium Reaper style bars wrapped in a Two Bolt 6061 Aluminium oversized clamp and TPR Hand Grips.  The complete is rolling on 120mm x 24mm GAP core wheels with the best 86a grade Polyurethane and ABEC 9 bearings. ALU Prodigy V2 IHC Forks compatible with up to 125mm x 30mm wheels. See our full dimension specifications below. 

  • PRODIGY Series 8
  • The Prodigy Series 8 comes in 6 new colour ways Oil Slick, Scratch, Gold, Venom, Jade and Burnt pipe. Perfect for kids of all ages!
  • Prodigy FORGED Head tube
  • 6 Series Alu Prodigy deck | angle 82.5° |width 120mm/4.72" | length 495mm/19.5" |Bolt on Nylon Brake system
  • 6 Series Alu Forged Prodigy IHC fork- Compatible up to 125 x 30mm wheels.
  • High Density Alu Reaper Style bars 620mm/24.4" high x 520mm/20.5" wide
  • TPR hand grips 160mm long with nylon bar ends
  • 2 bolt Prodigy Clamp- 6mm bolts- Oversized
  • Fully sealed integrated headset
  • 120 mm x 24mm GAP wheels 86A PU- ABEC 9 bearings
  • High quality grip tape
  • Nylon front plate and rear inserts
  • Weight 3.48kgs/ 7.7 pounds
  • Total Height: 880mm/34.6”
  • Total Length: 690mm/27.2”
  • Foot Space: 340mm/13.4”
Ethic Scooter Grips Black

Ethic Scooter Grips Black

RRP $24.99
SAVE $5.00 (20%)

Precision aero-synthetic oil blended with nano ceramic compounds for unmatched speed & wear protection.

Superior protection for bearing surfaces from moisture, rust and corrosion.

Ethic Vulcain Scooter Deck 530mm Black

Small sized deck - 20.5" (520mm) long x 4.8" wide.

AO Scooters are known for their progressive and rider backed designs. The Quadrum 3 Deck is the fruit of extensive designing and testing and redesigning and more testing with the AO team riders, and oh what a sweet fruit they have produced!

The Quadrum deck is a testament to the incredible understanding that AO have for what their riders want to ride and the innovation behind their designs is shown in the comfort and control the Quadrum deck provides to the rider.

Built, without a doubt for the streets, it's extra width makes lacing into 50s a snap and gives more control through the grind. The completely square back end, high quality welded and sealed to prevent the dropouts from bending, eliminates the need for pegs and with super wide 45mm grind rails prevents catching on rails or ledges.

Finished off with a slightly different headtube angle and wider front blunt plate area, the AO Quadrum Deck is set to become the new weapon of choice for the serious street riders.

The Flex brake position can be adjusted for 110mm, 120mm or 125mm wheel

Flavor Awakening V2 Scooter Hand Grips Light Blue New Thicker Grips

Flavor Awakening V2 Scooter Hand Grips Light Blue New Thicker Grips

RRP $24.99
SAVE $5.00 (20%)
Hella Scooter Grip Tape Anton Abramson Colorway 6" x 24"

Hella Scooter Grip Tape Anton Abramson Colorway 6" x 24"

RRP $24.99
SAVE $2.00 (8%)
Root Industries Honey Core 110mm Wheel Set White Pu Light Blue

Set of 2 wheels with pre-installed Envy Abec 9 bearings

Straight from Envy's awesome 2017 range of products, here we have the new 120mm Lambo wheels.


- Toughened Anodized finish
- 120mm Diameter
- Lightweight design
- 86a Urethane
- Includes Abec 9 Bearings
- Only compatible with 120mm setups